Home Security Hacks You Should Know

Home is a place where one should feel most comfortable and secured. Has it ever occurred to you how secured your home is? If not, perhaps it’s high time for you to make a proper assessment.

Nowadays, burglary and break-ins are among the most common crimes in the neighborhood. As the technology improves, their technique in breaking into your homes also undergo an upgrade.Vigilance is always the first step into discouraging them. But of course, by upgrading the security of your homes, these criminal activities can be altogether prevented.

How? We included in this article the basic ways in how to improve the security of your homes.

1. Install a Reliable Home Alarm System

This may be the easiest and most convenient way to address your home’s security. Many households have been adopting home security systems ever since it was introduced in the market. It may not provide you the cheapest way to secure your home, but what is a little bit more price to pay if it can guarantee that you’d be able to sleep peacefully at night? Right? Besides, with the fast changing technology at present, there are simply many types to choose from nowadays. So investing in a reliable security system is not anymore as expensive as before.

What are the security systems you can get?

You can get a window and door sensors for a start. Motion sensor lights are good too as they enable you to easily detect any strangers lurking around. You can also give up your good old locks for something more upgraded like a deadbolt, keypad-enabled panels, biometric and RFID locks, or even Bluetooth-enabled ones. Compared to the old ones you have, these electronic locks are harder to be tampered with.

2. Never Leave Any Point of Entry Open

Vigilance is still our best friend when it comes to securing our homes. Make it a habit to close all doors, windows and garage door at your home especially when you are not around, and/or heading to a long weekend out of town. For big windows and glass walls, ensure that they are covered by heavy curtains where anybody can’t just peek inside. The last thing you want to do is give any burglar a free-ticket to the inside of your home.

3. Provide Your Home the Proper Maintenance it Needs

This is what is often overlooked in every household which may cause a serious security risk. Every home needs to be maintained regularly. Depending on the parts of the home and how old it is, there are maintenance needs that should be done daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly. By overlooking this, you may be leaving your home vulnerable to break-in.

Regularly perform checkups on every corner of your home. Ensure that your windows are not broken, loose or stuck up. Check out every bolt and lock if in place, and inspect every corner for possible forming holes and broken locks. Do not forget to check also your garage doors for broken springs. Such may lead to it not to lock properly and be a possible entry point into your home. You can check Garage Door Nation to see how to properly perform inspections on your garage door springs.

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