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Uncle Sam Search is an online source of the most relevant and trendy tips and tutorials about home construction and home design. It is an online platform specializing in delivering the useful and helpful information that is necessary in building your fancy home. We aim to be the number one home construction website that can provide all your construction needs and tips.

Constantly updated with new plans and resources to help you achieve your dreams, this site is the most comprehensive, easy-to-use source for home plans on the Web.

On Uncle Sam Search, you can customize your search options to find precisely the home you are looking for, or browse the site if you’re not exactly sure what you want. Save the designs and searches you like to “My Search” and you can come back later to see the plans again, or share them with friends and family.

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At Builder Designs, we realize homebuilders have specific needs unique to the housing industry. You need a different sort of website. You need a different sort of marketing. You need something flexible, scalable, custom.